About Us

Welcome to Speakeasy Records! 

We’re really glad you came. We know you have a choice when it comes to vinyl retailers these days, especially online. So it means a lot that you took the time to check us out.

They say in business that the most important thing for success is product differentiation. So whilst you won’t find thousnands of titles on our site, what you will find is a slightly different music buying experience. 

We’re a local South Australian company dedicated to connecting people with the music they want. We’ve been operating in one way or another for about five years now. We’re not in it to make huge profits, we simply want to help people find the same amout of joy in music as we do.

We stand out in two areas. Firstly, the titles we stock. We lean towards slightly harder to find products. Whether that’s a particular coloured version of a title or a title that is only available on CD and there are only a few copies of it left worldwide. In that way, we also pride ourselves on helping people find things. So if you have a question about titles you’ve been searching for, drop us a line at admin@speakeasyrecords.com.au.

Secondly, we take a more hands on approach than the big retailers. Their services are cheap and no-frills. We like to think of ours as a more curated, personalised shopping experience. Our categories are much more refined than the bulk stores and when you buy from us, you’ll often find a few extra goodies in your parcel. 

If you want even more info, please ask at the above email address.

And once again, thanks so much for dropping by.


Speakeasy Founder